Jeweler's Lathe I


Next Workshop Date: February 16, 2019

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Prerequisite(s): The class is helpful to those taking Clock Repair courses but is not required.

Introduction: This one-day course was designed to give students enough lathe skills to operate a jeweler's lathe for Clock Repair Courses or other simple applications. The instructor will demonstrate how to make and use gravers to cut brass on the lathe and students will make a brass double-sided abrasive tool for the lathe.

What you will learn: basic turning, facing, drilling and tapping operations on the lathe will be taught as well as how to determine measurements on the lathe using calipers or micrometer. A demonstration of how to disassemble, clean, reassemble and maintain the jeweler's lathe will be given as well as Information on how to buy a good jeweler's lathe. Specific tools and techniques for properly maintaining your lathe also will be covered in the class.

Tools you will need: Please bring the following tools or supplies (if you already have it or want to purchase them). If you don’t have some of the items don’t worry, we will have some to use in class. The most important items to bring are the Safety glasses, desk lamp and Magnifier optivisor.

· A Jeweler’s Lathe (8 mm typically), some are available for use in class by Chapter 124 and instructors as requested: Note let instructor know if student’s lathe is complete and operational with good motor, good belt, good wiring, stand/frame, motor controller or foot rheostat and tailstock

· Magnifier visor or opti-visor- Timersavers # 13794 or equivalent

· Good strong desk lamp- Fluorescent lighting cooler & brighter although some prefer the newer LED lights.

· Extension cord

· Pin vises (medium and larger, to hold 1/16” and 1/8” stock) Timesavers # 19685 or better quality Starrett set of 4 MSC # 58695933

· Collets (bring what you have: size 50 and 20 will be used) some are available for use.

· Digital vernier caliper (Harbor Freight made in China or better yet American or Japanese more expensive brand)

· 3-4” square of plate glass (don’t buy: some will be available in class)

· Assorted sandpaper (500-1500 grit preferred, for sharpening and polishing)

· Any good 10 weight household oil for oiling Lathe- example "3 in 1" oil

· Paper towels

· Small flat-blade screw driver Sears or better

· Gravers, bring what you have to practice sharpening (a graver will be made in Lathe I Class)

· ****Safety Glasses or Goggles- personal eye protection is required from grinding sparks & flying metals

· 6 inch metal scale

· 2 X 6 inch Sharpening stone fine/coarse (Harbor Freight import ok)

· Graver Sharpener Timesaver # 17614

· Fine point Sharpie Black marker

· Revised 8-1-2011

Note: In addition to course registration, a lab fee of $20 will be collected in class to help defray the cost of tools and materials for this workshop.

Instructor: Bruce Wooldridge email (





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