Micro Lathe


Next Workshop Date: Febuary 17, 2019

From 9AM to 5PM

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Prerequisite(s): None

Introduction: This class is designed to instruct the student in the basic skills of operating a small (Micro) lathe such as the Sherline or Unimat. Instruction will be given in the setup, adjustment, available accessories, and use of a Micro lathe. Students will learn turning, boring, facing and drilling operations on the lathe. Class projects include sharping cutting tools, plus a tool project for servicing a jewelers lathe . The student is asked to bring their lathe and attachments. A limited number of lathes are available for the student to use during class. Please contact the instructor for availability. The instructor will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Jewelers lathe in contrast to the Micro lathe for those interested in buying a lathe.

What you will learn: The instructor will demonstrate the proper method of turning, boring, facing, and drilling operations using the microlathe.Students will make and sharpen cutting tools, plus a tool project for servicing a jewelers lathe.

Tools you will need: Please refer to the list of tools needed for Jeweler's Lathe I.

Note: In addition to course registration, a lab fee of $20 will be collected in class to help defray the cost of materials and tool use for this workshop.

Instructor: Bruce Wooldridge


Phone: (903) 839-3386


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