Chime Clock Repair


Next Workshop Dates: June 29 - 30, 2019

From 9AM to 5PM

Online registration coming soon

Prerequisites: CR100 and CR200

Introduction: This 2-day course will cover clock movements with three arbors or three train spring barrels (mainsprings enclosed in spring barrels not open). Clock movements with three mainsprings from America, England, France, and Germany are good projects for students to repair.

What you will learn: The class focuses on the repair of complicated chime trains with variations in design. Students will be taught how to disassemble, repair, assemble and synchronize their chime clock movements. Basic skills from Clock Repair 100 & 200 will be reviewed. New skills in complicated chime mechanisms and adjustment and repair will be covered in detail.

What you will need:

Clock movement (IMPORTANT!!!): Students must bring one or more 3-train movement(s) with spring barrels to work on in this class - movements will not be provided. The movements can be found in many American and European clocks and must include all parts including pendulum, springs, suspension springs, etc.

Note: Please bring a movement with potential for being repaired - i.e., no basket cases. If you have any questions please email the instructor (Mike Granderson.

Tools: Everything you used in CR100 and CR200.

Note:  In addition to course registration, a lab fee of $20 will be collected on the first day of class to help defray the cost of Chapter tools and student materials used in the workshop.

Instructor: Mike Granderson


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