Special Activities and Meetings

The Chapter sponsors One Day meetings held approximately every 2 months (except for the month of the Regional). . The meetings normally start at 8:00 AM with a Mart and/or an auction at 8:30, followed by an education program at 10:30 AM.  Admission is $15.00 and will include a catered lunch at the conclusion of the educational program.

Membership in the NAWCC is required for admission to the Mart. However, anyone may attend the educational programs.  Non-NAWCC members may be admitted to the Mart, as a guest of a member, if they want to see what the NAWCC has to offer. Guests are limited to attendance at one Mart without joining.  Contact any of the officers for additional information, or if you need a sponsor to enter.

From time to time, the Chapter also sponsors social/educational events held at other locations. These events are normally free to Chapter members and special guests.

Please check the Chapter 124 Calendar for the current One Day meeting and other events schedule.