Lone Star Chapter 124 – David Tips Volunteer of the Year Award

Lone Star Chapter 124’s “David Tips Volunteer of the Year Award” is a prestigious award.  It carries with it the endorsement of the membership \of Chapter 124 for one’s special contributions to the Chapter. The award is in memory of them first president of Lone Star Chapter 124, C. David Tips.

The purpose of the award is to recognize a member that has provided very valuable contributions to the Chapter and to the Chapter only. The awardee will be announced at the Regional Banquet and they will receive a plaque of recognition.  Current Board members as well as the DTVY Committee members are not eligible to receive this award.  It is not mandatory this award be given every year. 

There will be a “David Tips Volunteer of the Year Award” Committee consisting of five (5) members.  The Chair will be appointed by the Chapter 124 President to serve for one year under his/her administration and the Chair will appoint four (4) Chapter Members to participate including the most recent recipient of the award.  The purpose of the “David Tips Volunteer of the Year” Committee is to make the sole decision as to who will receive the award.  Chapter 124 Board Members are not eligible to vote for a recipient.  Once a recipient has been selected, it will be kept secret until the award is given.  The Chapter President and the “David Tips Volunteer of the Year” Committee members are the only ones that will know who the recipient will be until the award is presented. 

The David Tips Volunteer of the Year Committee will ask the current Board Members as well as the Chapter 124 membership for their inputs as who they would like to nominate. The Nominee may have contributed a lot in the past.  Even if this individual is not able to volunteer today, he/she is still eligible to receive this award.  Any Chapter member in good standing may nominate someone for this award by filling out the nomination form. 

The Nomination Form will be presented to the Membership in December of each year requesting the membership nominate someone worthy of this award.  The Nomination Form is linked at the bottom of this page and will be available at all times.  A nomination form must be completed for each nominee and submitted by February 1st, of each calendar year, to the “David Tips Volunteer of the Year” Committee Chair.  The award may be presented at the Annual Meeting if the Board and David Tips Volunteer of the Year Committee feel this change is necessary. The “Nomination Form” is linked below.

The recipient of the “David Tips Volunteer of the Year” award may only receive this honor one time.  The awardee will receive a plaque; have their picture taken for the Newsletter as well as the NAWCC’s Bulletin Chapter Highlights.  There is a plaque with names of the David Tipps Award winners that may be displayed at the One Days, Regional and any other special events.

Would you like to nominate an outstanding Chapter 124 Volunteer?

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