SR-100 – French Clock Repair. Two Days, 9AM to 5PM – This class focuses on repair procedures unique to French clocks with pendulum movements. As this work is more advanced, students must have taken one of the prerequisites listed below prior to registering for this class. Students must bring a complete French pendulum clock movement to work on in class. The course consists of lectures, specific instruction on pivot replacement in hardened arbors, and the designs of different French clock movements. Also covered are dead beat and recoil escapements, analysis of time trains and count-wheel and as well as rack and snail strike systems. Ample time is given for the student to disassemble, analyze their movement and make repairs and adjustments in class. The student is required to bring certain tools to use in this class and a tool list will be sent to students upon registration. Pre-requisite: CR-200 or FSW F-102.