President's Message

Volume 41   No. 3
Oct - Nov 2023

Next One Day - Oct 7
Founders Bldg
701 S. Main St
Grapevine, TX 76051

From The President  

Greetings again Chapter 124 Members

First, I would like to apologize for inadvertently leaving out of one of our new board members from my last message.  James Edwards joined the Board of Directors for the 2023 - 2026 term.  Thank you, James!

Now, there are several exciting things going on with our Chapter.  First it looks like this will be the last One Day in Grapevine for a while.  The City needs to make renovations on the building.  Bill Edwards found a place in Euless which will work for several meetings.  The price is higher but, unless another permanent location can be found, we will have to deal with it.  I ask everyone to notify me if you see a potential new location for One Days and classes. 

As we prepare for the 2024 Regional, several steps are already being taken.  We think that we have an exhibit theme; but, we are still accepting ideas.  Breakout sessions and workshops are being planned.  If you would like to participate in a lecture or demonstration please contact Tom Hefner or me.

Due to Hampton Inn increasing the price of some items, as well as room rates, we may need to look for another venue.  The Hampton Inn has an almost perfect setup. But, they are pricing us out of the market.  Last year's Regional yielded about $3,500 profit.  With past years expense rates, we would have made over $10,000 for the Chapter.  Make no mistake - we are still a non-profit organization.  But, the proceeds from our Regional go toward many of our activities throughout the rest of the year.  In order to offset our growing expense, we will be raising the price for tables and for the banquet from $35.00 to $40.00 for the 2024 Regional.  

Remember, we need committees.  One committee needed is I.T.  Could you spend two hours a month working on our web site?  How about a committee to find a new location for One Days and Classes.  We need a graphic artist to make a poster to advertise Chapter 124.  Several locations have said they would allow a poster to be displayed in their H. R. or lunch area.  Raytheon is one of the locations.  These are just a few areas we could use help.  Please, consider helping!

One other item.  A former member, Dr. John Hunt, wants to step away from clock repair.  He has donated his tools to the Chapter.  He said to use them as needed.  Some will be auctioned off and others will stay to aid with our educational programs and classes.  John also served on the board for three years and has been an active and respected member of the Chapter.  Thank You, Dr. Hunt!

Tim Brownlee
Lone Star Chapter 124, NAWCC



Good news on the educational classes.  We have been successful in adding some classes for this year  Our Watch Class has been successful with Stan McMahan.  Larry Thomas taught a CR 100 class and Phil Ball taught the CR 200.  One other thing Phil did was teach two other people to take over the CR 200 class.  In the future John Acker and Tim Brownlee will take charge of the 200 classes.  For now, Phil will continue with the CR 300.  Pat Holloway from Chapter 15 is considering teaching a reverse glass painting class for our Chapter.  Other opportunities will be coming such as a lathe and hopefully a cuckoo clock class.  Jerry Kieffer, maybe?


CR-100 Kitchen Clock Repair Class: Tom Hefner (Assistant),
Fletcher Thomason, Myron Patrick and Max Haesly.



Students in CR-200 Spring Barrel Clock Repair Class:
James Edwards, John England, Ron Janetzke and Phil Ball (Instructor).

Library Exhibit

No exhibits are currently on display, but in January Grapevine is scheduled for the next Library Exhibit.  Evelyn and Hugh Slough will be talking to the Waxahachie Library for future displays.


McClintock Clock

The McClintock clock is coming along nicely.  Brian Schmidt said it should be (will be) ready for the 2024 regional.  Arnold Madnick has refinished the case.  Others that have been involved are Bill Edwards, Chuck Edwards, Jon Anderson, Max Haesly, Philip Soley, Arnold Madnick, George Augustas.


Volunteers Jon Anderson, Philip Soley and Brian Schmidt with the McClintock Street Clock’s Master clock.
(Case refinished by Arnold Madnick)



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Lone Star Chapter 124 Newsletter

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Lone Star Chapter 124 Newsletter                                                                                                   Volume 38      No. 1
Membership – 341                                                                                                                                 July – August 2023

President’s Message

Hello, Chapter 124 members. In case you don’t remember me, let me reintroduce myself. I am Tim Brownlee, a former president of this Chapter. I served during the year that COVID started and throughout the pandemic. Those two years were interesting, trying to hold the Chapter together and schedule activities despite the lockdowns. We have new challenges this year that I will address shortly.

First, I would like to introduce the new Board members: Tom Hefner, Vice President & Convention Director; Bill Nash, Secretary; Tim Henz, Treasurer; Bill Slough, Educational Director; Mike Brazil, Mart Director, Myron Patrick and Wayne Hall, Directors At Large. This is the first time we have had a full Board of Directors in 4 years. Thank you to all of our Board Members.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Brian Schmidt, serving as our Past President. Brian’s energy, hard work and leadership is most appreciated. Larry Thomas is another board member who will truly be missed. In Larry’s role as Education Director, he demonstrated remarkable initiative and organizational skill. Additionally, Larry assumed a leadership role in overhauling the Chapter’s web site, and “Constant Contact” application. In his spare time Larry created spread sheets which proved invaluable keeping our 2023 Regional organized. Larry will continue to serve as instructor for the CR-100 class. We will miss James Barren too. James always had the donuts and water ready for the One Days. Thanks to all – your work is appreciated and you will be missed!

Tim Brownlee
Chapter 124, NAWCC





As we start the new fiscal year, we must address membership and finances. Our membership is declining. Ideas have been suggested by a few members and a committee is being formed to help build the Chapter back. If we can grow our membership the financial situation will take care of itself. If you know of anyone with an interest in clocks and watches, please let them know about Chapter 124.


Our Irving Training Facility is another area of significant concern. Currently, it is not being utilized to the fullest. If we could offer two weekend classes a month, the location would pay for itself with a little to put back in the bank. I would like to establish a committee to find another location for classes and storage of our equipment and materials.. The Grapevine Founder’s Building will be under construction soon, and reservations are not being accepted for 2024. An ideal place would be a joint building to share with another organization such as a VFW, Lions Club etc. Please keep your eyes open.

Preeminent horologist and model engineer Jerry Kieffer, from Wisconsin, visited our Chapter in April. He taught a “Pick Your Project” Class. All who attended learned new skills and techniques and agreed that it was a successful class. It’s always a pleasure to host Jerry, whose knowledge and skills are second to none.

Phil Ball taught a “French Clock Repair” class in May. Students taking Phil’s class appreciated this experienced instructor’s teaching style. Techniques learned give the students confidence in their ability to do the job in the future. If you have the opportunity, take a class from either of these instructors.

Two classes have been scheduled for the remainder of the year. Phil Ball will be teaching CR-200, Spring Barrel Clock Repair, which will take place Aug 12-13, 19-20. In addition, Phil Ball will be training three Chapter members as future instructors during this CR-200.

Larry Thomas will teach CR-100, Kitchen Clock Repair, to be held on Sept 9-10, 16-17. These classes are currently scheduled a little out of the normal order because CR-200, scheduled earlier in the year, was canceled. Next year we will be back in order and other classes will be added. So, watch for Constant Contacts and keep up with Chapter 124’s Website Calendar and Schedule of Events.
Always be on the lookout for announcements of ongoing events, such as the McClintock Clock work parties. The last one was June 17th, hosted by Brian Schmidt. There is no charge for participation, just have fun and help us out!

Your Chapter needs to find a location for classes and One Day meetings. Grapevine is closing the Founders Building next year for an undetermined amount of time. After October we will not be able to access the building. The rent in the Irving training center is going up. If anyone can help our Chapter find locations for these two needs please contact me, Tim Brownlee, or Tom Hefner. We will need storage too. I will need to know something by July 31st for the training center.


One more area is the Lone Star Regional. This is our biggest fund raiser for the Chapter. Our profits have steadily fallen over the years by 2/3 due to price increases everywhere. Some prices may need to be increased our 2024 Regional event. However, this is the absolute last thing I want to do! Don’t forget that Tom Hefner will need volunteers to run the Auction and Let’s Make A Deal tables. We have already started planning for the 2024 Regional. Please help.

Library Exhibit

There has not been a library exhibit for the last several months. But, one is coming to McKinney, TX in August. Evelyn and Hugh Slough have been managing the library exhibit for years and, if you haven’t seen one, try to go by the library in McKinney to see the new exhibit.

Upcoming events

July 11 – Open Bench Workshop, Irving 4:00pm – 8:00pm

July 13-17 – NAWCC National Convention, Lancaster, PA.     Visit:

July 22 –  McClintock Work Party, No charge.

August 5 – One-Day Meeting, 701 S Main St. Grapevine TX    8:00am – 2:00pm

August 12-13, 19-20, CR-200 Spring Barrel Clock Repair. Instructor: Phil Ball.

August 25-27, All Texas Chapters (Houston) Regional. Check website for details:

September 9-10, 16-17, CR-100 Kitchen Clock Repair. Instructor, Larry Thomas.

Please watch for a Constant Contact or visit for additional events or changes.



                                 Brian Schmidt receives an award.                                    Larry Thomas, past Education Director



Jerry Kieffer gives lathe instruction to Ron Janetzke.                           French clock. L-R: Ralph Ward, Jon Anderson and Brian Schmidt.


CR-100 – John England, Tom Hefner, Tommy Howard & James Edwards. (9/2022)


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